Do you have any restrictions on WordPress plugins?

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service provides a robust hosting environment for WordPress-based websites, and therefore we must place some limitations on the types of plugins that we allow to run on our platform.  Most WordPress plugins are fine, but some either duplicate functionality that we already provide, or are known to cause issues. 

Backup Plugins

We handle backups of your site, eliminating the need for standalone WordPress backup plugins. Many of the plugins are incredibly resource intensive, and most simply won't work in our environment.  Some examples include BackupBuddy, BackWPUpWordPress Backup to Dropbox and others.

Caching Plugins

Stottsan Digital Media manages caching at the server level, including object caching, database query caching, and static file caching.  In addition to creating issues with our caching, most of these plugins are designed to work with Apache, and are thus incompatible with our platform.  Examples include W3 Total Cache (W3TC), WP Super Cache, ZenCache, and others.

If you have any questions about a particular plugin and whether it is allowed, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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